Fabric Engine, the new Flash Killer ?

Fabric Engine, the new Flash Killer ?

Everyone that has followed HTML5 a bit knows that, in term of performances, Flash is still better… But it could change.

HTML5 vs Flash
HTML5 vs Flash; source : http://themaninblue.com/writing/perspective/2010/03/22/

I deeply think that HTML5 is going to kill Flash. It’s open, it’s widely adopted by developers, and it’s totally free. Even Adobe knows that : they already stopped developing flash for mobile. The only things remaining for Flash is the speed : it is still faster than HTML5.

But the Fabric Engine may be going to change that. Technically, it is a plugin for Firefox and Chrome – maybe it will be released for Opera, but I doubt that it will for IE – that literally compiles JavaScript code to make it run faster. This is open source – Flash is not – easy to install, and multi-thread.

Fabric Engine
Fabric Engine
For now, it is only in beta testing, I suscribed to the beta testing group. I didn’t try it yet, but I looked at the demos and I think this has great potential.
I highly encourage every Web developer to take a look at this plugin.

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